Our Guarantee:

We guarantee our parts and labor for 6 months from the date we ship it back to you. We will use either genuine new or used parts or replacement parts which meet the original manufacturers specifications. 

What is not Included:

  • New motors, New Circuit boards, New Cord Reels, New Hoses, New Wands, Attachments, Nozzle/Cleaner Heads, Body Parts (Framing, Tool Covers, Chassis, Roller Housings, Etc.), Odor Removal

​Special Includes:

All labor and service and most parts required including:

  • electrical cords, switches, belts, rebuilt  motors, rebuilt circuit board, rebuilt cord reels, rebuilt electric telescopic wands, fans, filters, roller brushes, wheels, ​etc.

Includes UPS ground shipping both ways, a box for shipping with packaging material (which we will ship to you). 

Please note * At times, clean used or rebuilt parts will be used.

Miele and Dyson repairs special with UPS round trip service only $149 (East Coast and some Midwestern states Only, plus tax in New York)

Free pick up and delivery on local vacuum cleaner and sewing machine repairS!

Payment Process:

Initially we will bill your credit card a $50 non- refundable charge to cover the shipping and handling. Upon completion of the repair, the $99.99 balance will be charged.

CALL 718-832-0055 ext 3


(please have your model number handy when calling usually found on a sticker on the bottom of the machine)